BebeLock Suction Plate (Made in Korea)

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BeBeLock Suction Plate
:: To be attached to BeBeLock AirTight Jar ::
Colors: Blue / Pink / Yellow / Green
Temp Resistance: -20 ~ 200DegC
Material: 100% High Tensile Silicon
BPA FREE :: Toxic Free :: Made in Korea

BeBeLock Suction Plate is designed for mummy to defreeze/warm up baby’s food direct from BeBeLock AirTight Jar in a pot over stove. It can also be use to prevent baby from spilling food/drinks during feeding time. Both surface can be suction onto any smooth surface eg. feeding table tray, floor, pot & etc. Mess Free for Mummy! Made in Korea, using high quality material, BPA Free & Toxic Free. 3colors for different preference.

BeBeLock Suction Plate
To prevent baby’s hand from knocking over BeBeLock AirTight Jar during feeding.

For Mummies that love to bake brownies, you can melt CHOCOLATES on the stove by using a double boiler. Boil water in a pot and 280ml BeBeLock AirTight Jar on top of the boiling water with BeBeLock Suction Plate.

**Does not comes with Bebelock Airtight Containers


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