3D Air Mesh Tunnel Pillow - Camping Pink

3D Air Mesh Tunnel Pillow - Camping Pink

  • $39.90
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SINBII 3D Tunnel Pillow

SINBII's new 3D tunnel pillow is a multi purpose pillow made with the new 3D air mesh technology.

Features include:

Highly ventilated cushions,100% cotton on surface,

Can be used during feeding (Arm can go through the pillow) to prevent heat rashes at baby's neck. *We all know how hot it can get during those confinement days in Singapore. 

Insert comes with 2 reusable ice pack and can be used on hot days in between you and your baby when you are babywearing.

Why the ice packs? 

It provides cooling effect for babies or toddlers on feverish days. Something small to help them feel slightly better.


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