BebeLock Airtight Jar (Korea)

  • $9.00
  • Save $4.90

BeBeLock AirTight Jar
Colors: Pink / Blue / Orange / Green
Size: 120ml / 180ml / 240ml / 280ml
Temp Resistance: -20 ~ 110degreeC
BPA FREE :: Toxic Free :: Made in Korea
Can be microwave, boil, sterilize & etc
Pack of 4p in Box

BeBeLock AirTight Jar is designed to be used from newborn all the way to toddler, even for household usage. Versatile invention from Korea, it is airtight (silicon ring on lid) hence keeping food fresh.

Can be used for storing/freezing breastmilk, purees, snacks, fruits, juice, cereal, stocks, household seasoning and so many more.

BeBeLock AirTight Jar uses high quality PP (polypropene). Which is harder, durable and can be reuse. Silicon Ring in Lids keeps food airtight and fresh. Economic pricing.

It comes with different adaptors which is very convenient and useful for different needs. 4 sizes for different age group or needs. 4colours for different indications or needs.

BeBeLock AirTight Jar
Food can be served directly from BeBeLock AirTight Jar.
Can be used as cup with handle for child’s drinking (purchase handle separately)
Stack up and store, neat and tidy, save space, ideal for travelling!



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